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While the new Webmail icons do not have labels if you hold your mouse cursor over an icon a tooltip

will appear showing the icon's function.



Powergate Webmail Inbox


The Inbox

1. Folders

2. Tools

3. Selection Tools

4. Usage and Folder Mgmt



Powergate Webmail Inbox part 2


5, Navigation Tools

6. Page Selection Tool

7. Message List

8. Preview Pane






Area 1 - Folders

Click a folder to access its contents to the right in the message list.



          1         2         3          4            5           6         7         8

  Area 2 -  Tools

1. Check for new messages

2. Create a new message

3. Reply to sender

4. Reply to list or to sender and all recipients

5. Forward the message

6. Delete

7. Mark messages

      As read

      As unread

      As flagged

      As unflagged

8. More actions...

      Print this message

      Download (.eml)

      Edit as new

      Show source

      Open in new window






Area 3 - Selection Tools

Select All | Current Page | Unread | Invert | None

  Allows various methods of selecting messages. Could be used along with the delete icon.

Threads +Expand All | Expand Unread | -Collapse All

   Threads are related messages

Show Preview Pane Checked or Unchecked

      When checked if a message is selected in the message list the contents are displayed in the preview pane.

      When unchecked the preview pane in not displayed.





Area 4 - Usage and Folder Mgmt

Shows the percentage of use and allows access to the compact tool and folder management tool.





Area 5 - Navigation Tools

1. Mail -- Returns to the Inbox from Folders, Address book etc...

2. Address Book

3. Settings -- Where you may access Folder Settings, Vacation and Forwarding.

4. Logout

Webmail Inbox pages


Area 6 - Pages

Access further pages of messages if available.


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