About Us

Some significant Compton highlights:

  • Incorporated in the spring of 1972 and licensed by the CRTC to provide cable television services to Uxbridge, Ontario. Construction of the Uxbridge cable TV plant was completed in November 1972

  • Licensed to provide cable television services to Port Perry in 1975

  • Began operating under the name Compton Communications in 1998

  • Launched PowerGATE Internet and Data Services division in 1999

  • Digital cable services were introduced in 2001

  • HDTV launched in 2003

  • Became the first company in Canada to launch an HDTV-capable personal video recorder (PVR) in 2003

  • Introduced TMN OnDemand service in 2005, becoming the smallest cable company in North America to offer on demand services

  • Launched Compton Home Phone in January 2008

As you can tell from our history, Compton is constantly seeking to innovate and provide the most advanced services.

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