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The traditional way to retrieve your email is to use email client software installed on your computer. The email software available from our downloads page outlines a few that are free, but there are many others. This tutorial outlines how to setup your Powergate email with the most common email programs.

Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Office Outlook
Mozilla Thunderbird
iphone.jpg iPhone
blackberry_icon.jpg Blackberry Playbook
Windows Live Mail

Changing Your Password

After you have completed the setup of your email, you might choose to change your password. To do so, direct your web browser to (or click)

Checking Webmail

To check your Powergate email over the web, go to (or click on) For instructions on logging in, and other details of Webmail consult this document.

Auto Forwarding Your Powergate E-Mail

For instructions on how to auto forward your Powergate email address to another address consult this document.

Adding a Vacation/Auto-Reply to Your Powergate E-Mail

For instructions on how to add an Auto-Reply to your Powergate email address consult this document.

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