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Unfortunately, Google has decided to discontinue the Postini anti-spam service.

Compton has responded by putting in place a system of new servers that now filters messages for all of our powergate email subscribers.

Many of the more common spam messages are being rejected and will not even make it to your new Junk mail folder while other less common spam messages may be filtered and redirected to your new junk folder.

The new Junk mail folder is located on the web mail site:

The Junk folder may also be viewed within an email program by setting the email account up as an IMAP type account instead of a POP3 type account.

IMAP email settings

Incoming mail server:
     Use SSL
     Port 993

Outgoing mail server:
     Use SSL or TLS
     Port 587

Username: beginning portion of email address, the portion before the ""
Password: email password.

Instructions on how to setup Windows Live mail can be found at the following link:

If you require assistance with email or logging into webmail please contact us at 905-985-8171 or 905-649-7600.



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